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Sunset over Princeton, Mass.
Reflection in the pond
I love paths like this
Sometimes you need to look up

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It’s snowing outside my window, and now it is even snowing on my blog. You are not going crazy, there really are tiny white things falling down the screen.

I always hear mixed things about snow, some people love it and some people vehemently hate it. I’m a snow lover. I’m sorry if you are a hater, but maybe I can help you think of something good about it.

1. I love making snow angels.

2. I love trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

3. I love that new snow looks so clean.

4. I love that snow helps soften the harshness of all Chicago’s concrete.

5. I love sitting inside watching the snow fall.

6. I love waking up and being surprised by the white blanket that appeared while I slept.

7. I love getting snowed in.

8. I love skiing.

9. I love sledding.

10. I love eating snow.

11. I love making slushies with fresh snow.

12. I love making snow forts.

13. I love throwing snowballs.

14. I love wrestling in the snow.

15. I love playing in the snow for so long that you feel frozen and then going inside to enjoy the warmth.

16. I love that drinking hot chocolate and reading a book feels special when in snows.

17. I love that schools take a spontaneous day off and kids can play outside.

18. I love the cold sting of snow on my face.

19. I love when snow drifts lightly down.

20. I love when the snow falls so thick and fast that you can’t see anything outside.

21. I love that it is silent.

22. I love how excited I feel the first time it snows for the winter.

23. I love trying to look at the tiny flakes and see the intricate designs.

24. I love when it really snows for a moment it feels like the world is frozen in place.

25. I love that it always feels magical.

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There is so much noise in the city. Everywhere you go, all the time. The city never rests. It never sleeps.

There are always people. You can see them or hear them wherever you are. I can keep myself in a closed room or try to go far away. This fails miserably when I can still hear them in the next room, in the hallway, or sense their presence

I find myself drawn to the lakefront in Chicago.  The lake is a great source of comfort to me, whether I find myself in a pleasant or unpleasant state of mind. Facing the great expanse of Lake Michigan feels like for that moment my mind is clear. The simple line of the horizon that stretches out before me seems like an untouched and too often ignored beauty. Enormous and constant, I feel like I am getting a vaguely blurry glimpse of God.

When I lived in New England, it was so much easier to find a place where I truly felt away from people. I could walk into the woods and be in a secluded, tranquil place. Out of sight from people, my mind could rest. Now I have to try even harder to find the places I can escape to.

It is like a family member or a good friend. You love them, but sometimes you can’t stand them and just need to get away. Then one day, you find yourself away from them and you miss them. You remember all the things you love about them.

The lakefront is where I go when I need to remember why I live my life. When I need to remember all the things that are worth loving.

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I found a wishing tree in the park yesterday.

My roommate and I stumbled upon this tree across the bridge from Millennium Park in Chicago, after a little picnic to appreciate the lovely weather. Tied to the branches of this beautiful flowering tree were these white tags fluttering in the wind. After reading a few of them, I realized they were all wishes.

A few wished for fame and riches, and several had the grammar and spelling that suggested a child had written them. One read, “I wish I was more decisive.” Some were in Spanish. On another man had written a wish that a particular woman would love him and “have my babies.”


I took a few pictures I dug a pen out of my purse and handed it to my roommate and told her to make a wish, there was space on some of the cards. As I was taking some pictures, she finished writing her wish and handed me the pen.

Wait. I had to make a wish now?!?

Here’s the thing. I’m a bad wisher. I love throwing pennies in fountains, watching for shooting stars, and blowing out birthday candles. But once the penny is in my hand, the star is passing, or the cake is in front of me, I can’t think of a sinlge thing I want to wish for.park-031

I can normally make up my mind quite easily, I’m generally know what I want. Finally, I decided not to over-think this one. I wrote a wish, born out of my longing for the quiet and forests where I grew up in Massachusetts.

“I wish there were more trees in Chicago.”

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