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Once upon a calendar

I used to blog regularly, and even had a consistent series regarding my ridiculous calendar. Unfortunately, I was derailed by my inability to post the word-of-the-day from my calendar.

This inability came because I don’t have a working scanner at my disposal and had been using my little point-and-shoot camera to take pictures of the calendar. Then a small piece of the port on my camera got bent and I was left with no way to get pictures off of my camera. Thus my regular posts were at a stand still.

I eventually procured a card reader and was able to get pictures off again. You can tell, I never really got around to doing the calendar posts again. And now it is well into 2010. I have been using it as scrap paper for quite a while. The words are still interesting, but that calendar is sorely out of date.

I’ve actually grown quite attached to my having such a nice stack of scrap paper for notes and things.


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Coffee is a love-hate relationship for me, and for most of the health world too. Some people can’t live without it and some studies seem to indicate it could have health benefits. Others preach against it as if it is a killer, suffer withdrawal and there is always some addict who painfully demonstrates to coworkers daily what happens when you drink too much coffee.

I know at least one arguably mature adult who wet his pants after drinking too much of the stuff.

As for me, I had to switch to green tea for my daily mug, keeping coffee as something that I only have occasionally when I’m out of the house. An unfortunate past of minor and disruptive health issues has left me with enough caution to regularly avoid caffeine.

Yet, I’m easily seduced into a good mood by the smell of coffee. I give in while at late night cafes, and lose count of how many times the waiter refills my bottomless cup. As the conversations buzz around a place like lively Kafein or dimly lit Pick Me Up I get distracted reading, writing or talking. I probably won’t pause to put in cream or sugar.

I may be shaking and unable to sleep immediately after, but at the moment the warm mug in my hand feels so perfect that it would be hard to give it up.

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