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There is so much noise in the city. Everywhere you go, all the time. The city never rests. It never sleeps.

There are always people. You can see them or hear them wherever you are. I can keep myself in a closed room or try to go far away. This fails miserably when I can still hear them in the next room, in the hallway, or sense their presence

I find myself drawn to the lakefront in Chicago.  The lake is a great source of comfort to me, whether I find myself in a pleasant or unpleasant state of mind. Facing the great expanse of Lake Michigan feels like for that moment my mind is clear. The simple line of the horizon that stretches out before me seems like an untouched and too often ignored beauty. Enormous and constant, I feel like I am getting a vaguely blurry glimpse of God.

When I lived in New England, it was so much easier to find a place where I truly felt away from people. I could walk into the woods and be in a secluded, tranquil place. Out of sight from people, my mind could rest. Now I have to try even harder to find the places I can escape to.

It is like a family member or a good friend. You love them, but sometimes you can’t stand them and just need to get away. Then one day, you find yourself away from them and you miss them. You remember all the things you love about them.

The lakefront is where I go when I need to remember why I live my life. When I need to remember all the things that are worth loving.


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1. At least the computer works.Pencil

2. You should find time for the things you love.

3. You can always reset your password.

4. If you wait around to be motivated then you never will be. You motivate yourself. Motivation does not usually magically descend upon you.

5. You can write about anything. What you are thinking, something that happened, something you know, or even something you don’t know. There is always something to write about.

6. Writing is one of the best outlets for questions. If it sounds a little incoherent, just call it art and pretend everyone else is too shallow to understand it.

7. Sit down, stop finding distractions, and quick making excuses.

8. Writing can be like a vacation.

9. You should write tomorrow. And today. Because you can only write while in the present, so do it now.

10. If you are writing for other people you will rarely be satisfied with the actually writing. Write for yourself and write often, eventually you will write something you are satisfied with. And then you will write even more.

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1. I switched to a Mac, hate the new word processing software, and therefore writing anything on my computer (but generally love the actual computer).

2. I’ve have been extremely busy. There are at least five other things I should have already done and should be doing now.

3. I couldn’t remember my password.

4. I lost my motivation.

5. I don’t know what to write. Inspiration may come in short spurts, and usually when I am far away from my computer. By the time I sit down, I can’t remember what I was going to write.

6. I have been questioning many things in my life and have had a hard time keeping my train of thought coherent.

7. I could have ADD.

8. Everybody needs a vacation.

9. I’ll write tomorrow.

10. Nobody cares if I’m writing or not.

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