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Normally, I feel like my calendar is making fun of me. Now it’s picking on my dad too.

worrd 026Today was one of those extra special days that your calendar marks for you. Oh, my calendar had it marked, and a special word just for Father’s Day.

It called my dad a bear.

Funny, I just called him bear just the other day.

Whenever I am home, we have a bit of a battle over the different hours I tend to keep. I’ve become one of those darn young kids who stays up with friends late into the night. At least whenever I can afford it.

My parents have reached the age and temperament that it’s easier for them to have separate sleep spaces most of the time. My mother does not sleep well, and rarely consistent hours. My father snores through the entire night and has been mistaken as trucks on a highway.

So he sleeps on the pull-out bed in the basement, while she restlessly sleeps or shuffles around the house all night.

He’s adamant that he feels sick and grumpy if he doesn’t get enough sleep.


Daddy Bear might look like this when his children disrupt his slumber.

If anyone comes in late, is loud, or walking around in the rooms above the basement he arises to silence us, leaving  the offending parties with mental pictures of a bear lumbering out of hibernation to growl “Who disturbs my slumber!”

I love you Dad.

Get some sleep.

worrd 027Happy Father’s Day.


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Word-a-DayMy calendar thinks I am an idiot. It thinks I need a definition for Sweden.

You would have to be a relative of the 2007 Miss South Carolina Teen USA for this to be truly useful. You would probably also call it “the Sweden.”

I’ll be the first to admit I could not give a one paragraph summary of Sweden’s history dating back to the Neolithic times, like my calendar did. However, that seems a bit superfluous to me, as long as we are talking about practical knowledge.

I gave up learning subjects that are generally irrelevant to my life after I finished algebra in college. I’d rather know about the current affairs of Swedish politics.

This definition was accompanied by a tiny picture depMiss South Carolinaicting Sweden as adjacent to Norway and Finland, as if no one knows. Really, I have no need for this little picture explaining Sweden’s whereabouts.

I’d have a picture of the calendar for you like my normal word-of-the-day posts, but ironically I’ve lost my little map of Sweden.

Luckily for me I actually have real maps, unlike some “U.S. Americans.”

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Summer chaos

HammockYou know it is summer when you don’t know what day of the week it is. This has happens to me rarely anymore, but still only in the summer.

Summer always wreaks havoc with my routine, and my motivation. It makes me feel as though I should apologize to myself for not finishing the things I want to do. Like not finishing that new blog post, outline for work, or whatever I’d promised to research.

Once you are out of college most people try to get a normal, year-round job with regular hours in whatever their field of study. But in college you have classes, weird jobs, and those strange in-between times for winter, spring, and summer breaks. Winter jobs, summer jobs, and then internships to fit in somewhere.

It’s like every day is a Saturday with either no plans at all or a long list of events.

I love when my work and classes have a regular flow. I think I prefer when weekends are once a week. I feel so much more rested somehow. And at least I always know what day it is.

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Cake coupleDoes it seem like everyday that someone is popping up in your Facebook news feed with a wedding photo album, a tidal wave of congratulations from all the informed friends, or a new last name? This has been a frequent pattern I have observed in my news feed that is, honestly, a bit disturbing to me.

Are they crazy or me? You will have to excuse me, but I tend to get a little worked up when people get married before they the law allows them to drink.

Many are simply acquaintances, people I have known and not seen in ages. I may have seen something about their engagement on Facebook, but perhaps not. Those are the best. I didn’t even know you were dating that person, but congratulations to both of you anyway! A few might be engaged… and then not later.

I thank God that they are generally still the friends who are a bit older than me. I may consider suicide on the day that one of my young close friends gets married.

Somewhere around middle school or early high school, dating became the cool thing. Maybe for you it was elementary school. It seemed like everyone was doing it. Those days seem far behind, and now tying the knot seems to be catching on.

I just pray divorce never catches on as a fad.

Slowly, the people I know are all falling into the ranks of the married. I hope they know what they are doing.

If I consider marriage as a near event in my own life, it’s like inviting a panic attack. I’m too young for this.

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LycanthropyNancy Drew taught me about werewolves.

A while back, my roommate,  who aspires to be a doctor, had been telling me she was trying to get an internship in lichenology.

Being the brilliant individual that I am and only half paying attention, I was suddenly intrigued and confused.

“You’re going to study werewolves?” I asked, as I wondered what on earth she was talking about.

Now she was confused. “Werewolves? No, it’s tree fungus.”

LichensIt dawned on me that we were not talking about the same thing. I had to explain to her that I had gotten the words confused for a second, and my mind had thought “lycanthropy,” when she said “lichenology.” Which made much more sense, because she would be excited about lichens.

And I would know what lycanthropy means. It was in a Nancy Drew computer game I played as a kid. This woman thought she was turning into a werewolf and you had to solve the mystery. Naturally.

I saw this word on my calendar and just laughed. Oh, I knew the answer was A. And I was almost surprised that lichenology was not one of the options to try to trick me.

Rotary Club    Members only    Frances Brady    5/17/2009
Joyce Foundation    Policy, not practice    Frances Brady    6/3/2009
Allstate Foundation    Exclusively existing partners, teen driving and domestic violence     Shannon McFarland    6/1/2009
Grainger Foundation    Exclusively disaster relief and technical education    Shannon McFarland    6/1/2009
Motorola Fountation    Exclusively math/science education, disaster relief and technology in developing countries    Shannon McFarland    6/1/2009
Irving Harris Foundation    Exclusively children    Shannon McFarland    6/1/2009
John Deere Foundation    Prefers direct benefit for employees and neighboring communities    Shannon McFarland    6/1/2009
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation    Exclusively conservation and artistic expression    Shannon McFarland    6/1/2009

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Question?Try to match the definition with the correct word. You can leave a comment and explain why you choose that answer. I’ll post the actual answer from my calendar later, so you don’t have to suffer over the question forever. Or go through the work of looking it up yourself.

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