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Boys and boogers

BoogerI love the feeling of uncooked rice in my hand… without boogers.

It was innocent enough. A few years ago, when I was living with my family, I was cooking some rice. I reached in to grab a handful to put in the pot, and STOPPED.

It felt soooo good. I swished my hand around in the rice container a little, loving the smooth feeling of the grains slipping between my fingers. Someone else had to experience it; to know how wonderful the simple sensation was!

I yelled to my younger brother, and told him that he had to come try this. He came over and I explained to him that he had to put his hand in the rice container -it just felt really cool. Dutifully, he stuck his hand in the container, leaving it there motionless for a moment. Then, looking at me with a completely straight face, he told me the unthinkable.

“I was just picking my nose.”


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MummichogThe crazy calendar has brought another word to my attention that has absolutely no practical application in my life. Apparently, a “mummichog” is a type of fish, like this picture.

Slayer could totally take that! (I’ve mentioned my fish Deerslayer in a previous post.)

And really…. if you were to pick which fish would win in a fight, do you think it would be the mighty Mummichog… or Deerslayer? Yeah. My fish definitely sounds scarier.

This fish is a “silver-and-black killifish of saltwater marshes along the Atlantic coast of the United States.” Huh.

This little fish has a bunch of names and they are all pretty cool: mummichog, killifish, and it’s Latin name is Fundulus heteroclitus. Nice. But it still takes all of those names to come close to competing with Deerslayer for best named fish. And Slayer would still win in a fight.

Now I will freely admit that everything I’ve shared with you here was gleaned from a few mere minutes of searching. That you could have done, but I did it first, so now you don’t have to. Lucky you. Unless you REALLY want to learn more about mummichogs. Have fun.

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MummerThe coolness of “mummichog” just wasn’t enough. I guessed “munchkin.” For those who saw the crazy multiple choice question that my malicious calendar asked me this morning, THIS IS THE ANSWER.

“Mummer.” Yeah.

My life is so enlightened, I don’t know how I went so long without knowing the true meaning of the “mummer.” Or that such a thing existed.

Alas, such sweet ignorance is no longer mine. Thank you crazy calendar for cluttering my mind with another word that I will NEVER use.

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CalendarSometimes the calendar likes to torment me with a multiple choice question. Today it asked me “Which word can be defined as a masked or costumed merrymaker?”

A. mummer

B. munchkin

C. mummichog

Really. You can probably read it in the picture I took to prove that, yes, it does exist. I’m not making this up.

I’ll tell you now, I got it wrong.

Now you have to guess! No cheating.

The answer is on the back of the calendar, I’ll post it before midnight.

I’ve written about my ridiculous calendar and it’s plethora of mostly useless words before. You can see from this example what I put up with every day! So from now on, I’ll try to post a word from my calendar a few time a week, so you can enjoy, discuss, and rant about the words with me.

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I took this in Sao Paulo, and was playing with the colors.

I took this in Sao Paulo, and I was having some fun with the colors...

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Take the spoon. You know you want it.

Take the spoon. You know you want it.

I'm very creamy and yummy. Seriously. Eat me.

I'm very creamy and yummy. Seriously. Eat me.

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I normally manage to navigate through life with an adequate amount of grace, but recently I seem to spill things and drop stuff and do stupid things. My iPod impairedness is normal, but for whatever reason, or none at all, I seem to have stumbled into an extra-klutzy phase or something. And I thought I was done with phases like this. Somehow I always believe that I’ve grown up enough, and spells of clumsiness will no longer smite me like an obnoxious cold that lasts all winter.

So I was making rice pudding last night, and I decided to post the recipe (below). And then it became necessary to write ANOTHER blog post.

After the rice had cooked, I went to take it out of the oven so I could add the milk and egg. I put on my enormous pot-holders to protect my little hands from the hot dish. I reached in to pull it out, and as I lifted the dish out of the oven- a pot-holder slipped from my hand! As the pot-holder escaped it took the glass pie dish with it! IT FELL. Suddenly there was rice all over the searing oven. Luckily, the glass pan was still intact.

Now let me explain something. I live in a dorm, and we have a kitchen that is used by everyone on the floor. Cooking really is an ordeal here, because in addition to being limited by your ability, supplies and utensils, you have to carry everything from your room down the hall to the little kitchenette in the corner of the lounge. Most residents are happier eating the awful food in the cafeteria than cooking.

The only things that I had with me in the kitchen were two pot-holders and the half-empty pie pan. I ran back to my room and as I open the door my roommate asks how the rice pudding is looking. I sheepishly answer, like a child who just broke something, that I dropped it. She came back with me to the kitchen, looked at the mess, and suggested that a spatula might help scrape the rice out of the burning hot oven.

After cleaning out the rice had become baked onto the oven, I started over. It took me an extra half hour, but in the end it was still worth it. The rice pudding really is great, and I did have it for breakfast today. My roommate is lactose intolerant, but she had a little taste anyway. Just enough that she could declare it amazing and start looking up milk-free rice pudding recipes.

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